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Circuitsville has experience with two different groups of microcontrollers: The PIC microcontrollers are also used by our colleagues at Servenger, LLC and Barrett & Associates Engineers, among others. The Arduino began as a request from a customer for an Arduino system for use in Experimental Aviation. This first custom Arduino was a hardened Arduino Nano with additional ESD protection and a power supply adapted to SAE standards. Because of my own stuggles to get customer circuits running, and because sometimes it is just plain fun, lead to the creation of several of the applications on pages below.

These applications are shown in the Arduino code which is similar to the "C" language.
They could could be easily adapted to other microcontroller development systems that are "C" based, such as Microchip's.

The applications are:

More applications will be coming in the future. There is work with the 74HC194 which would give extended inputs as well as outputs.

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