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Board layout is important at Circuitsville.
We don't simply push the auto-route button and go for coffee.
In fact the version of EAGLE PCB Layout software was specifically chosen because it did NOT have an auto-route feature.


Because the engineers at Circuitsville understand what causes problems in the circuits on PCB boards and how to avoid them.
We have seen other layouts where an inexperienced engineer really caused major problems.
Whether it was routing the DC supply voltage under the tuning inductor of the voltage controlled oscillator,
inadvertently maximizing the signal coupling.
Or putting the narrowest trace where the current would be the highest,
creating at best a high impedance and at worst an unintended fuse.
We have seen it.

For high current traces to be as fat as possible.
For surface mount ICs with the best possible PCB heat-sinking.
Or to minimize crosstalk.

Call Circuitsville. We understand circuits and we understand Printed Circuit Boards.

Plus we know the pitfalls and traps of EAGLE.
If you have invested six months of work in creating custom libraries you would not want to erase that, would you?
But when you install a new version EAGLE erases the entire library directory before installing the new version.

But we at Circuitsville have shed those tears,
we know how to protect your work and our work so that the libraries are there when you need them.
        An Example of board layouts done in EAGLE (by CadSoft Computer, Inc.)

CadSoft Online
The Servenger LLC, Programmable Analog Module: PAM 5002 (top view):

Front side of PAM unit

In addition to layout, each version was provided with:

Back View:

Back side of PAM unit

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