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An Example of test fixtures and jigs.
This board was made using EAGLE (by CadSoft Computer, Inc.) schematic capture and layout software.  
This is used to Program and Test the Servenger LLC , Programmable Analog Module: PAM 5002:
It is the same base circuit board with different components depending on if it is a To the original board were added POGO pins which check the holes from a connector that was previously soldered in.
A down level PAM board was used to add mechanical stability to the POGO pins.
The bolts both hold the mechanical stablizer in place and align the PAM Under Test.
Actual size is 6.5 inches by 4.390625 inches (165.1 x 111.5 mm).

(Click on each photo to see a larger image.)
First the Programming Fixture, note all the empty space:
Not much is needed in this case.
The connector to accept the connector to the MicroChip ICD (In Circuit Debugger) to program the PIC microcontroller
Programming Fixture for PAM-5002

Next, the Signal Path Text Fixture, with a LOT more parts:
Signal Path Test Fixture for PAM-5002, Oblique view

Signal Path Test Fixture for PAM-5002, Top View

The Input Impedance Measurement Test Fixture was actually an afterthought.
Something easier and more repeatable than holding the DMM probes with one hand.
Simply soldering the test leads to an existing, down level PAM board was the first idea.
But two things were really needed.
First was a strain relief to insure that the solder joints would not be stressed.
Second was some lateral stablity.
To achieve this two additional PAM boards were connected to the bolts,
both upside down to align the bolt holes. Wires secured with cable ties.
Input Impedance Fixture for PAM-5002

This is a classic example of Circuitville's designer's guile

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