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Arduino Shield Starters

These are things that I use in EAGLE when a customer asks for a custom shield for a specific Arduino board.
This is where I started the boards on a previous page.

Why would this be important to you, my customer?

Placing of the connectors requires precision if you are to successfully mate your board to any Arduino board.
I already sweated out that part of the project.
As downloaded, the connectors will mate with the particular Arduino board.

Creating each of these took me 20 to 40 hours of my time.
Even at my lowest rate of $55/hour that would be $1100 to $2200 worth of work or 20 to 40 hours of my life.
How much is an hour of your life worth?
How much would twenty to forty hours of your life be worth?
$10? $20?
Probably more, right?

Save time by downloading the Shield Starter!

Each download consists of:
  • Schematic pages with:
    • Mating connectors to match the specific Arduino board
    • Signals to the connectors with the names for that Arduino board's names
    • A dimensioned mechanical drawing of the shield board
  • A board layout page with:
    • Connectors positioned to correctly mate with the specific Arduino board
    • Mounting holes to match the specific Arduino board
    • Postions of objects to avoid during part placement, such as:
      • The DC connector
      • The USB Connector
  • The libraries for the parts used in the design.
Simply select the components for your shield, connect them up, then go to the layout and place the components and route them as you need.
Generate the Gerber files and order your own boards.

For example these are the schematic pages for an Arduino Mega:
Arduino Mega Shld Schmtc
Arduino Mega Shld Schmtc
And here is what the layout looks like:
Arduino Mega Shld Layout

These schematic and layout files are available for download if you would like to try them.
Buy now

Also available is a set of schematic pages and layout for an Arduino Uno.

Buy now

More of these shield templates will be forthcoming. If there is a particular Arduino shield you are interested in, I encourage you to contact me.

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