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Traditionally Hooked Rugs by Instructor E.M. Conley

(Yes, my mom did these!)
And some Stories...

I don't know the whole story of how my mother got into rug hooking, but there have been several amusing incidents. Especially when your mother, now in her 80's, refers to herself as a "hooker". The first time I experienced this was the summer after my freshman year in college. I sat next to the phone while my Mom made a phone call to sign up for what I heard as a "Class on Dieing".

GLUP. So I asked, "Mom, do we need to talk?"

"No Brian, it is spelled 'D-Y-E-ing." Meaning the coloring of fabrics.
To this day, when I call my Mom on the phone and she says, "I have to die today"
I have to remind myself that she spells it D-Y-E.
Not that I will ever really get used to it.
Note Webmasters foot
Probably a Mola, but ...
More information will be put up as soon as I get it. The Mola done for hookers camp ...
Some of her work has even been Published. This is titled "November" and was published in "A Celebration of Hand-hooked rugs VIII" in 1998. (There is also a story about this rug, which was done partially in Oregon, in the magazine.)
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