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Support for the Servenger Programmable Analog Module™

PAM-5000, PAM-5001, PAM-5002

Customer Service Ideas and FAQs

But first, something that helps the person you contact help you, the PAM unit serial number

Look on the LARGEST PART on the PAM unit, the RS232 connector where you plug the serial cable in.

There should be a white label there with an alphabetic character followed by 4 numbers, then a slash and 2 or 3 more numbers. The 4 number group should begin with a zero. The PAM unit in the picture below has the serial number "R0709/070".

Front side of PAM unit

IF, for some reason your PAM unit does not have this label, fear not.

Simply turn your PAM unit over and look on the back. Written there in the copper, which might make it hard to see at first, will be 3 characters begining with "R2" and the third character is a letter. Make sure you say in your support communication that you could not find the serial number, but you did find the R2{letter} on the back.

That allows us to give you the best support possible.

Do you have a copy of the PAM-5002 Technical User Manual? Down load this copy.

The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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