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Why are you here?

  • Perhaps you need a new design; a bright idea or an expansion of your existing products
  • Or an Old design updated to replace an obsolete part, reduce power, reduce cost
  • Maybe you have problems that need solved, things that won't work

What Circuitsville Sells:

What Circuitsville Does:
  • Board Level Analog/Power/Mixed Signal Electronics Design, including
    • Operational Amplifier (Op-Amp) Circuits
    • Power Regulators (Switching & Linear)
    • Control Loops Stabilized
    • Schematic Capture and PCB Board Layout using EAGLE
    • Schematic Capture using OrCAD, PCB Board Layout using Allegro 16.5

  • Microcontroller Systems
    • Microchip PIC
    • Atmel ATmega/Arduino
      • Shield Starter for Arduino Boards
    • Common External Circuitry
      • 74HC595 or 74HC194 I/O extensions
      • Real Time Clock
      • LCD or LED Displays
      • Shield Starter for Arduino Boards

  • Debug & Rework
    • Rework SMD & Through Hole
    • Troubleshooting
    • Problem Solving
    • Test Procedure Development

Why Circuitsville Is Your Best Choice:

  • Save you money
    • With Circuitsville you only pay for the work Done
    • No over head
  • Extended Capabilities
    • Relationships with vendors (Local/National/Specialized)
    • Relationships with other service providers
  • 34 years of varied experience and expertise

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Perhaps you will find a solution that you need.
If you have an Idea talk to us.

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