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Anadigm® Applications:

Configurable Analog Module (CAM) of Arbitrary Waveform Generator Used in a System

Now for USING the Arbitrary Waveform Generator in a Programmable Analog Signal Processing system.

The Pulse Width Modulator or PWM consists of two basic parts:

  • A ramp generator that gives the basic frequency of the modulation
  • A comparator that compares the input with the ramp and is:
    • High when the input is below the ramp and
    • Low when the input is above the ramp
Thus the Width of the pulse is proportional to the Amplitude of the input signal.

[ Pulse Width Modulator made with Comparator and Arbitrary Wave Generator ]

For further information, download the paper about this:

Pulse Width Modulator application paper (a 3 page PDF)

Consider downloading ZIP file containing the following:

  • PWM using a 10kHz Sawtooth.ad2 - AnadigmDesigner2 configuration file
  • Ramp4ArbWavGen.xls - the Excel spread sheet used in creating the example designs
  • Plus the example below

The really useful thing with the Anadigm IC is that not only can you create a PWM inside the IC, you can also include the compensation parts of the system inside. The following example includes a summing block and a lead-lag compensation block with the PWM inside one Anadigm IC.

  • a 25kHz PWM with summing and lead-lag compensation.ad2 - AnadigmDesigner2 configuration file
  • sawtooth25k.csv - the look-up table file used with the .ad2 file

[ Pulse Width Modulator made with Comparator and Arbitrary Wave Generator ]

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