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Anadigm® Applications:

Configurable Analog Module (CAM) of Arbitrary Waveform Generator


Yes, again. Or more correctly: More.

We said before that the Arbitrary Waveform Generator is a very useful tool in building a system in a Programmable Analog Signal Processing system. That system is in the next page. But it uses a sawtooth wave.

[ Pulse Width Modulator made with Comparator and Arbitrary Wave Generator ]

In the previous example, explaining what the Arbitrary Waveform Generator could do, we showed a 2.5kHz Triangle wave. A triangle wave is best described as having the same slope (change of amplitude over time) rising and falling. (Except for the change of sign, but we can overlook that for now.)

A sawtooth wave is best described as having one slope on rising and a much steeper slope falling.

Why is that important?

For something called a Pulse Width Modulator or PWM, which will be the next and the system application of the Arbitrary Waveform Generator.

Consider downloading the ZIP file containing the following and experimenting:

  • Sawtooth10kHz.ad2 - AnadigmDesigner2 configuration file
  • sawtooth10kb.csv - the look-up table file used with the .ad2 file
  • Ramp4ArbWavGen.xls - the Excel spread sheet used in the example design

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