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About our Anadigm® Connection

Circuitsville Engineering has been actively developing designs and applications of Anadigm® analog signal processing ICs and Field Programmable Analog Arrays since 2003. These include the layout, building, and testing of the Servenger Programmable Analog Modules™, PAM-5000, PAM-5001, and PAM-5002R, and developing an inexpensive PAM carrier for the educational community.
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There is also a page of Useful Op-Amp Circuits for putting signals into or getting signals out of an Anadigm IC.  

Our Chief Engineer is an Certified Anadigm® Design Consultant and has dealt with both software people and IC developers successfully for quite a while. Because of his ethnic heritage, he is a practical person who has deciphered the writings about many of the Anadigm Configureable Analog Modules and reduced it to a usable set of equations. Consider the following:

Several of these have documents in PDF format which requires the Adobe Acrobat to view and print. If you do not have a copy, a (free) copy is available from Adobe Download the free Adobe Reader

And having been an adjunct university instructor, our chief engineer has some useful tricks for students to keep their assigned PAM units safe.

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